Tools of Online learning

Online learning is gaining more and more traction every day, in all industries. It can be a fantastic way to learn as most online courses can be accessed from virtually anywhere depending on the technology you use for accessing the online course. That brings us to the big question, what are the tools of online learning.

For the Learner.

In order to complete one of our online courses, we suggest the following tools as an absolute minimum.

  • Laptop, PC, or large tablet (ipad, Samsung tablet etc)
  • Headphones

We do not recommend trying to complete a course using a phone as the screen size is just too small.

In addition, we do recommend completing your online course is a quiet space using your headphones. This helps you concentrate, and helps remove distractions.

If you have the budget we would recommend the following;

  • Multi screen
  • Printer
  • Comfortable chair

We use multi screens during course development and find it great for having referenced material open on one screen whilst we build the course on a separate screen. When learning, the second screen can display the learners handbook that our courses include.

A printer may be handy for those that would like to print course material.

A comfortable chair is also a great help. If you are completing one of our longer courses, you want to remain comfortable and without distraction.

For the Educator

Online learning tools for the educator vary greatly and include software, apps, video, written material, and lots of other technology that allows the teacher to build and present a course online.

Our courses use interactive media, video, audio, and graphics. You will not need any special software to complete our course as its all taken care of by your browser. We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome. Our site will work with any modern Internet Browser.


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