Course Development

Transform your training from paper to online

We convert your aviation education courses into engaging, interactive online learning experiences which will provide consistent course delivery across your entire employee group.

This allows you to host your course online using a Learning Management System (LMS), or you can use Aero LMS as your hosting platform.

How we do it

Our creative process is kept very simple. We use a 3-stage consultative approach to develop your course.

Here is how it works.

Stage 1
Initial scoping and design

During this stage we meet with you (face to face, phone, or video conference) to go through your training course and discuss each component. This is also when together, we determine how the course will look and feel.

Stage 2

During the development stage we will transform your learning material into an engaging and interactive experience ready to upload to a learning management system.

Stage 3
LMS Package

Once your course is ready we will package it into a format ready for deployment.

Course Elements

During the construction stage, we use the following elements to contextualise your course.


We arrange professional narration to be used throughout your course. Both Male and Female voices are available.


We can arrange video, use your existing video, or YouTube integration.


We use sound effects where required.


We arrange professional and royalty free stock images to be used throughout your course.


We can arrange professional photography, or use your existing images that are specific to your organisation.


We use animation where the use of video is too costly, or simply not possible.


We can set up quizzes or exams within your course.


We can include interactive components within your course.


We can design your course to be fully responsive making the course look great on any device.

Animated Characters

We can use a large range of animated characters within your course.

Real Characters

We can use a large range of real characters within your course.


We can use gamification to add a fun element.

What you get

Your end product will be a package in a format of your choice, that is ready for deployment to a learning management system. Formats include;

  • SCORM 2004
  • SCORM 1.2
  • Tin Can xAPI
  • HTML 5 (with Flash fallback)
  • AICC
  • CD-ROM
  • Microsoft Word

We use a variety of software tools to develop courseware.

Where available, we are happy to supply in a variety of formats.

Why choose us?

We are aviation professionals with over 25 year’s experience, in just about every facet of aviation.

We do not sub contract your work to any another individual or organisation, including overseas.

As aviation experts, we do all the work for you.

We also have our own learning management system, Aero LMS, that can be used to host your training course.

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So, you want to know more?

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